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What Is Desquamation Disease? (Very Dangerous Disease)

About Desquamation Serious Problem
What Is Desquamation Disease? (Very Dangerous Disease)

Desquamation, which is usually called skin-peeling, sheds the outermost membrane or layer of a tissue, such as the skin. The word is from the Latin discovered, which means to scrape the scales off fish.

Some eye tissues, including conjunctiva, may occur within pathological disruption in diseases such as dry eye syndrome. The anatomy of the human eyemakes desquamation of the lensimpossible.

Skin cells are produced(Desquamation)

New skin cells are formed in stratum gerministime, which is the deepest layer of epidermis. This layer is also called a basal layer.

Skin cells begin their life as a layer of thick, column-shaped cells. These cells are responsible for forming each cell of your skin.

Cells have been divided into this layer. Half of them are lying behind in stratum gerministim. Other cells start their journey on the skin surface.
What Is Desquamation Disease? (Very Dangerous Disease)

Keratin is made

His next stop is Stratum Spinosum. Here, the cells of the skin are transformed into shape from their column-like shape, which is like a polygon.

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Stratum spinosum is also called "spiny layer" because those polygon-shaped cells look like spines if you see them under the microscope.

It is also here that make the main structure of the skin, where the skin is a layer of keratin, which makes it hard to fertile. (Keratin is also a major component of your hair and nails.)

Chamber flat Desquamation

The skin cells move upwards from the stratum and into the stratum granulosum. In this layer, the cells start to flat. He also lost his nucleus.

This layer is also called "granular layer". Want to guess? Yes, because the cells here look grainy.

Cells reach the surface, then slows down
What Is Desquamation Disease? (Very Dangerous Disease)

Skin cells have reached their final destination - stratum corneum. Once the cells reach this upper layer of the skin, they are essentially dead.

The cells in the stratum corneum are very flat and tightly packed. These flat, dead cells constantly fall because new cells make their way to the surface. In this way, your skin is constantly renewing itself.

Where do all those dead skin cells go? You may be surprised to know that most of the dust in your house is actually made up of dead skin cells.

In the whole undisputed process, it takes about 14 to 28 days from the birth of the body to the birth of the cell.

The role of unusual description in acne

It is believed that in the people with acne, this proclamation process is upset. Dead skin cells hang for a long time, holes should be closed and contribute to breakout. This is the reason that exfoliating treatment helps in improving the skin.

Whether your skin is breaking or not, it is still a wonderful complex organ, do not you think?

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